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Tame Your Grind By Getting Centered

Episode 3 w/ Steven Puri

How do you complete the tasks you dread? Whether it’s an important task or a mundane thing that just needs to be done — having the right productivity hacks in your back pocket is key when it comes to earning more, achieving more, and making a bigger impact. 

Our featured guest, Steven Puri, gave up his long-time career of working with Hollywood’s most famous directors to pursue more agency.

He teamed up with his friend, Ulf Schwekendiek, who founded Centered: the mindful co-working app. Together, they’ve built this revolutionary app to help people block distractions, get into a Flow State, and crush their to-do list

A little background on Steven: He’s a serial entrepreneur who sold his first film production company, Centropolis Effects, in his twenties after his work on Independence Day won the Academy Award for visual effects.

He first started his career as a software engineer at IBM after being awarded their Watson Scholarship. He proceeded to move through digital effects into film production, where he was Vice President at 20th Century Fox, and Executive Vice President at Kurtzman/Orci at DreamWorks Pictures. 

This dialogue with Steven unearths the stories and blind spots of his entrepreneurial path to help you learn the following:

  • How to understand when it’s time to step away from a job, no matter the pay or prestige?
  • The science behind how casinos and social media apps keep you addicted and distracted.
  • The value of taking breaks and staying focused on the top three important things that drive your business: talent, users, and revenue.
  • How to efficiently get through low-value “grind activities” using the Centered App (by the way, it’s FREE)?
  • The value of time boxing and what it is.
  • How the “eat the frog” productivity hack will have you revamping your morning routine?
  • How to never forget your “why” so that you can be the hero in your own life?

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