Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential and Achieve Effortless Success


Are you ready to ditch the hustle and grind and take back more of your time, all while earning with ease?

In the Grind Less Flow More Podcast, Paul Davidescu and guest experts provide the tried and tested strategies to achieve financial stability and align your time with your genius. During these interviews, you’ll walk away with realistic steps you can implement now to protect your time to flow, delegate your grind, and experience lasting joy and freedom.


After building his first business, Paul has developed a method that allowed him to step away from the exhausting hours and non-stop grind, which resulted in his second and most profitable business to date: Level Up Mortgages. With 10x the income and happiness, Paul is ready to share his learnings, obstacles, and successes during guest interviews.


With several businesses launched (including in the mortgage industry, iOS Apps, and digital marketing) and even more pivots within them, he's learned the art of launching quickly, delegating, scaling, and building a profitable business gracefully.


Georgina Lardies

Maximiliano Frini

Department: Design

Birthplace: Barcelona

Current home(s): Dublin

What gives me flow: Discover new places, explore my creativity, enjoy the sun

Department: Sound

Birthplace: Argentina

Current home(s): The world is my home!

What gives me flow: Travelling and experiencing new cultures, playing music, meditation


A sales training and automation company to help founders and small teams create a thoughtful and repeatable sales process.

Automate prospecting, follow ups, and value-added nudges so your team can stay top of mind, prioritize who most values your opinion, and ultimately, make sales fun and focused on building relationships. Good sales means good money to hire good people and automate your grind.

A home financing concierge that helps you not just own property, but have full ownership of your life without feeling like other people own it.

We provide a strategic blueprint to tie your financial goals to the roof above your head through connecting you with overlooked lender products, curated financial and real estate partners, and investing education to have your money work more for you rather than you working for it. Owning the right properties means good cash flow, long term appreciation, and freedom to grind less and invest in flowing more.