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Just Start: How Founders Can Figure Out Solutions to Major Uncertainty

Episode 4 w/ Grant Findlay-Shirras

How do you overcome colossal setbacks that happen all at once? Imagine your revenues dropping 10x overnight as your sales team leaves and starts a competing business.
This is exactly what our featured guest, Grant Findlay-Shirras, experienced while also trying to preserve a marriage with his wife and business co-founder. All the while, he deployed his Jedi mind tricks, determined to see the beauty in this compounding business disaster.
Grant is an Angel Investor, Real Estate Investor, Best Selling Author, and Tech Startup Founder. Grant has bootstrapped a software company called Parkbench, that has profited millions and grossed tens of millions.
This dialogue unearths the stories and blind spots of Grant’s entrepreneurial path to help you learn the following:
  • How to deal with unexpected circumstances, like a pandemic. Grant dealt with COVID-19 dropping his revenues by 10x overnight AND lost his sales staff as they opened a competing company?
  • How to have a rapid response to a crisis and gain back lost revenue (and in Grant’s case, increase it by 20 percent)?
  • The two truths of communication to help spouses find harmony in running businesses together.
  • How to be realistic about what is a worthwhile revenue-generating task vs. a feel-good distraction?
  • Why quantity in sales and service should trump quality when you start a business?
  • Leveraging the sports concept of First Thought in your business to find flow state and make quick decisions.
  • How to find purpose and become re-inspired: How building a tennis community in Kelowna and Angel Investing improved Grant’s workflow and gave him purpose?

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