Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential and Achieve Effortless Success

Cultivate Gratitude To Reach Your Highest Potential

Episode 31 w/ Olympian Liz Gleadle

Do you struggle to justify the time to practice gratitude and visualization techniques when you’re overwhelmed with your business? 

It turns out that mental and physical manifestations that lead you to gratitude can also help you reach peak performance, just like an Olympian.

Meet Liz Gleadle, the Canadian javelin thrower who’s redefining high performance. With three Olympic Games under her belt and a National Record of 64.83m (212.7 ft), Liz’s success speaks for itself. 

Beyond her athletic achievements, Liz’s passion for kinesiology and science-backed training has led her to share her expertise through online events like “Win the Morning” and “The Art of Recovery”. Her latest endeavor, The Varsity Glow Up, a bi-weekly newsletter, empowers others to adopt foundational high-performance habits. 

Liz is a true inspiration, combining athleticism, knowledge, and a drive to help others excel. Get ready to elevate your game!

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Liz’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • The connection between movement and your environment
  • The effectiveness of Liz’s 5 Step Science Based Minimum Effective Dose Morning Routine
  • The power of meditation and exerting your own “energetic signature”
  • How to reduce confirmation bias and pave your own path every morning
  • How practicing daily gratitude practices can unleash true potentials you’ve never experienced before

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