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Demolish The Wrong Goals To Work On Things You Were Built For

Episode 2 w/ Qaid Jivan

 Setting out to make a million dollars before you turn 30: How grounded is this goal, and what’s the dark side to pursuing it?
It took our featured guest, Qaid Jivan, to a state of mind he pledges to never return to.
Qaid Jivan is a serial entrepreneur who advises top companies and personally raised money in New York city for his surging Vancouver HR tech startup. Qaid speaks on how an “Ikigai” Wheel of Life exercise snapped him out of the startup grind by shining a light on the other neglected parts of his life.
This dialogue unearths the stories and blindspots of Qaid’s entrepreneurial path to help you learn the following:
  • How chasing his million dollar goal before 30 drove him into suicidal thoughts.
  • How a chance meeting with a miserable billionaire made him merciless with what he says no to (and how you can also learn to say no more often).
  • How to change your lens from societal to personal success with the Ikigai exercise.
  • The journey of Qaid’s startup grind and how he managed to break free from the hustle without sacrificing his success.
  • Physical health habits to flow through the grind and not hit burnout.
  • How he went from tech founder to real estate investing and building the “Ibiza of Vancouver”.

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