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Author Your End Celebratory Moment To Unleash Your Inner Steve Jobs

Episode 5 w/ Mike Tan

How did Steve Jobs hold the vision and develop such focus to change the world forever? How far could you take your business if you knew the exact steps he took?
Our featured guest, Mike Tan, is here to tell you how. He heard the firsthand anecdote from Steve Job’s mentors, who gifted him the secret to focus and vision. Through various trials and tribulations, Mike has unleashed his inner Steve Jobs as a serial tech and wellness entrepreneur. Various wakeup calls from experiencing the startup life and joining masterminds have equipped him with a unique process that he and his inner circle live by. Mike is serving it all up on a silver platter for curious minds like yours.
Mike is the co-founder of RetreatsAndVenues, which helps companies and retreat leaders find and book the perfect venue for their events. As the co-founder of Thrive Collective, he also facilitates retreats, workshops and masterminds to help others become clear on how to thrive.
This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Mike’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn the following:
  • How to rapidly pivot your business when investors or a recession create challenges, stagnation, and obstacles?
  • How to pitch your parents to invest in your startup instead of your MBA?
  • The healthy versus unhealthy grind: What that looks like and how to avoid the trap of the latter.
  • How to adapt to bigger time and energy constraints as you grow older and start a family?
  • Mike’s 3 P’s to liberating yourself to work on your business: Purpose. Process. People.
  • How Mike’s mentor’s mentor, mentored Steve Jobs and what they advised him on during his end celebratory moment?
  • How you, like Steve Jobs, can make fast decisions by linking them to your End Celebratory  Moment?
  • How to leverage masterminds and periodic local retreats to fight the everyday noise of other people’s priorities to remind yourself why you do what you do and where you want to end up?
  • What Mike sees as his Flow State and his currency to life.

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