Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential and Achieve Effortless Success

How YouTube, Online Courses, and Evergreen Assets Can Make You Money As You Sleep

Episode 7 w/ Ben Dziwulski

How do you balance working on short-term, urgent activities with long-term initiatives that will exponentially and residually grow your business?

Meet our featured guest, Ben Dziwulski (Juh-Wall-Ski). Ben is a serial entrepreneur who runs WODprep, an online fitness company that teaches CrossFitters how to enhance their CrossFit Skills. Since 2015, he’s grown WODprep to a seven-figure business that impacts thousands, while giving him lots of free time.

In this interview, Ben reflects on how his life partner’s “just get a job” suggestion lit a fire under him to launch his first online business. Ben takes us on a journey with the before and after of this pivotal moment—  and the important lessons learned along the way.

Teaching other entrepreneurs how to build evergreen media assets such as YouTube and online courses is a passion of his and a key pillar in his mastermind business. Ben is the co-founder of the Rising Coach Collective, a mastermind community that helps teach fitness trainers and health coaches how to escape the in-person grind and make money online.

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Ben’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • Ben’s incredible story of going from basement entrepreneur to making $1M a year, and how this is possible for you too 
  • How to discern whether your time is best spent on building evergreen assets vs. short shelf life content
  • Why focusing on creating YouTube content and writing blog posts are the long-term snowballs you need to build long-term success and establish authority in your niche 
  • How to justify giving insane value away for free (hint: this is a key part of your funnel that leads to paying customers) 
  • How to get started with offering high-ticket services 
  • How to not overshoot getting into Flow State by doing Deep Work and blocking out distractions
  • Ben’s philosophy on a litmus test to gauge how human you really are by balancing our most primal instincts with the rapid advancements in technology

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