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Uncover Your Blindspots Before Business Blindsides You

Episode 16 w/ Likky Lavji

Have you felt shocked or blindsided by a staff member leaving suddenly, or extremely bothered by a potential customer who disappeared? How you perceive these events may have to do with the subtleties of whether your values and/or trauma show up in your everyday interactions — which is a blindspot for many.

Meet our featured guest, Likky Lavji. A widely known expert business mentor, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, Likky is also the President and Co-Founder of Blindspots Global, which is a leadership development program. His cheeky-titled new book: Death By BS has recently hit Amazon’s #1 Selling Author List.

In this interview, Likky shares how a public speaking appearance in elementary school was so traumatizing, it caused him to develop a stutter. He couldn’t shake it off until decades later, after exiting one of his main businesses.

Likky touches on his daily hacks for swatting away negativity, networking authentically, and distilling values into three major themes to use for all leadership and sales activities.

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Likky’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • How perfectionism and a lack of trust, control, and pressure get in the way of becoming a good leader
  • How to face your blind spots and change for the betterment of your company
  • How to harness positive reinforcement to improve your performance at work
  • Why you should make an “INSERT NAME’s Wins” Cloud folder to capture dopamine hits
  • How to say no to the wrong networking events or business commitments 
  • Why it’s so important to distill your values into your elevator pitch when you network
  • Why you should aim to meet two to three quality people when you network (instead of meeting everyone)
  • How you can systemize thoughtful follow-ups after networking events to build quality relationships
  • How to use the “Go-Giver Mentality” from this best-selling book to build a strong reputation 
  • How meditation could help you determine your blind spots in business that may stem from past traumas and negative experiences 

Take his Blindspot Assessment: https://likkylavji.com/blind-spot-assessment/


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