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How Breathwork Hacks Your Nervous System For Peak Performance

Episode 17 w/ Robbie Bent

How overwhelmed are you by the amount of work you need to do — and typically under a tight timeline? If you’re like most, you reach for your phone, check your to-do list, and start the day inching towards a fight or flight response.

Although the reality of what you need to get done as an entrepreneur won’t change, the overstimulation you experience can. Learn how stress and overstimulation can be combated through on-the-go tools, such as the breathwork app founded by Robbie Bent — our guest on this episode.

Robbie is the Founder and CEO of Othership, an online and offline wellness company that provides on-demand breathwork classes guided by top facilitators in the field. Previously, he served as the CEO and Co-Founder of INVI Energy and Roamly. He also contributed to the well-known Ethereum platform in ecosystem development.

As an entrepreneur, Robbie has experienced all sorts of highs and lows, many of which you can probably relate to. His business success highs were met with the lows of burnout (and alcohol being the catalyst to his surging breathwork and cold therapy company).

In this interview, Robbie talks about his journey with building Othership. He goes into detail about how he balanced welcoming his firstborn, raising a Series A round, and attending 400 meetings — all in a few months. Robbie also shares different ways to help you avoid burnout such as breathing exercises, cold and hot therapy, and knowing when to ask for help to avoid the crash and burn.

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Robbie’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • How to avoid burnout through state changes and pattern interrupts
  • How to move through and overcome overwhelm by triggering the natural “off-button” in breathwork
  • How to master your nervous system in as a little as minute with a breathwork exercise (you can do this anywhere)
  • The benefits and science behind pairing breathwork with cold and hot therapy to improve your immunity, circulation, and put you in a peak flow state
  • How to stop trying to figure everything out yourself and lean on your community
  • How to use an excel sheet system to track where people can help you and you, them
  • How to balance starting a business with personal finances
  • The art of starting side projects and what it takes to build a wellness business

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