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How To Surf The Waves Of Business Setbacks Alongside Your Team Instead Of On A Solo Mission

Episode 15 w/ Swish Goswami

What do you do when you make hiring and salary increase promises contingent on an investment round, which suddenly dissolves at the last minute? Will your staff instantly leave you — or will they also think like an owner and stick it out with you to get back on track? Their decision to stay or go often comes down to the sense of community you build and the shared upside you give your team. This creates a culture that celebrates both risk, reward, and tackling the waves of business.

Meet our featured guest, Swish Goswami. Swish has started six high-impact ventures in four industries and has been recognized for curating the world’s first youth social capital fund. He’s given three TEDx talks and is the bestselling author of The Young Entrepreneur, a book encouraging and teaching students how to build a business while in school.

One of the ventures Swish started is called Surf, which is a revolutionary browser extension that passively rewards people for their everyday browsing and helps them save money when shopping with their favourite brands. Surf’s vision is to build an equitable data economy. So far, the company has made two acquisitions and raised over $5M from several NBA players, unicorn founders, and venture firms. 

In this interview, Swish shares how his company culture actually benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic, why he dropped out of school, how he began building startups on the east and west coasts, how he handles meeting efficiencies, his approach to creating multiple income streams, and how he knows when burnout is right around the corner.

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Swish’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • Team rituals you can create as a hands-on leader with your staff
  • How to level with your team from the inside out to maintain their happiness and loyalty
  • How to take a leap of faith away from the conventional career path in a brand new city
  • How living in different cities as you build your startup gives you a fresh perspective and can enhance your success
  • Setting healthy boundaries with work-life balance and blocking out time for deep creative work
  • How to understand the symptoms of burnout and its compounding vicious cycle 
  • How to apply Swish’s 15-minute meeting protocol to your own meetings
  • How to reschedule meetings with intention and respect 
  • How to decide on your salary as an early-stage founder and how to open up additional income streams that won’t pull you away from the core business
  • How to manage your stress levels through a mantra and close-knit community

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