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The Power of The Clifton Strengths Finder To Find Flow in Life and Relationships

Episode 18 w/ Matt Heiydt

Are you in an entrepreneurial rut or, are you a competitive athlete or intrapreneur looking to re-apply your talents by taking a brave step into the world of entrepreneurship?

Meet our featured guest, Matt Heiydt. Matt is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and President of BackStretch: A global recruitment and people strategy company. Matt has overseen the internal operations of 200+ companies over the last 20 years as they tackle their growth. 

In this interview, Matt shares how important it is to do what you’re not just good, but great at. He went through eight years of trials and tribulations before stumbling upon the Clifton Strengths Finder Test and realizing that discovering your top strengths — rather than trying to do tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius — will not only help you prevent failure but also burnout.

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Matt’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • How you can negotiate with an employer to let you do your side hustle
  • How to trade value instead of time to get paid more for your work
  • How to discover your superpowers through the Clifton Strengths Finder 
  • How to use awareness of your strengths to find flow
  • How to have harmonious relationships with your loved ones and teammates

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