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Find Your Authentic Balance of Work, Play, and Purpose

Episode 8 w/ Steph Corker

How often does your business clash with your personal relationships —  and how do you find harmony between these complex and delicate topics? 

Meet our featured guest, Steph Corker. Steph is the founder and CEO of The Corker Collective, a recruiting company. She founded The Corker Collective after spending over a decade recruiting across several sectors. She’s a stand for living a life beyond your wildest dreams and believes that it begins with the intersection of your work, play, and purpose. Steph is also a passionate athlete who’s crossed 25 Ironman finish lines and currently resides in Squamish, Canada.

In this interview, Steph reflects on how she handled a tough business decision that was at odds with someone very close. Her balance of work and relationships were put to the test, and she speaks about how to tap into your trusted network of life advisors to make an authentic decision in the eye of the storm. Steph takes us on a journey about how her determination in sports — which would typically be considered a positive thing—  blinded her at times from showing up as the best version of herself and finding true flow.

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Steph’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • The joys and heartbreaks that can arise from mixing business with close friendships.
  • Why Steph reflects on her ironman champion as a selfish pursuit?
  • Steph’s beautiful analogy of how Vancouver’s Grouse Grind hike relates to the flaws of grinding as an entrepreneur.
  • Why flow state isn’t just about meditating or slowing down, but a mindset and way of being?
  • The pros and cons of living in a post-pandemic remote work world.



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