Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential and Achieve Effortless Success

A Decade of Entrepreneurial Blindspots Transformed Into A Playbook For Success and Fulfillment

Episode 1 w/ Paul Davidescu

Do you ever wonder how to balance making money while also having the time and resources to create a business you’re truly passionate about?

For our kickoff interview, podcast host and entrepreneur, Tamir Barzilai puts our very own host, Paul Davidescu, on the hotseat! Paul has been a serial entrepreneur working through the hustle and grind for a decade, running a portfolio of brands in the mortgage and restaurant industry.

Very recently, Paul had a financial breakthrough that allowed him to take a moment to slow down and reflect on how he (and most other entrepreneurs) approach their work with unnecessary stress and hustle. Now, he’s sharing his realizations and solutions with you to achieve more ease, joy, and success — all while increasing income in your business.

This dialogue unearths the blind spots on Paul’s entrepreneurial path to help you learn the following:

  • How building a scalable mobile app in the restaurant space was a huge mistake.
  • How to pivot a failing idea into something with more financial returns (and a better match to your zone of genius).
  • How to optimize your income by letting go of tough things in your business.
  • The old school DOA business acronym: How to delegate, outsource and automate.
  • How to reach flow state, peak experiences, and build a vision that excites you.

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