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How to Hack Community and Product-Market Fit in a New City

Episode 28 w/ Melissa Kwan

Is the nomadic life calling your name — only to be silenced by the paralyzing fears of “the unknown” in your business? 

Meet our featured guest: Melissa Kwan. Melissa is a serial tech entrepreneur who has bootstrapped three companies, plus taken one to the finish line with a successful exit. Melissa is currently the CoFounder and CEO of eWebinar, which helps companies bring in hundreds of sales, demos, onboarding and training webinars through automation.

Tune in as Melissa takes us through her inspiring journey of landing her first customer, achieving success entirely on her own terms, and how she turned her New York apartment into a thriving event and founder gathering space (with no real income).

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Melissa’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • Why you need to leave the comfort of your hometown to grow your Startup 
  • How to have community and CEO’s from tech companies like Zillow gather in your living room
  • How to utilize grit and perseverance as a nomad when you face adverse conditions
  • How to gauge if you are being delusional or confident in your startup (even with zero customers)
  • How to use innovation as a key technique in creating and running a successful start-up
  • How sales automation plays a pivotal role in your daily tasks to increase efficiency and maximize revenue


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