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When To Take One Step Back In Your Business To Make Disproportionate Leaps Forward In Your Income and Mental Freedom

Episode 13 w/ Sahil Jaggi

Do you neglect working on your backend systems and increasing efforts to support your staff? For many business owners, this gets put off because it can mean spending extra money and not reaching revenue goals. But procrastinating these initiatives off can actually cost you more in the long run. 

Meet our featured guest, Sahil Jaggi. Sahil is a successful real estate investment specialist who started his journey in 2010 with just $80,000. In a decade, he’s turned that $80,000 into a personal portfolio worth over $25 million — and has consistently beat the market by 14% on his 17 properties in Toronto and its surrounding areas.

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In this interview, Sahil candidly shares his mistakes of growing too quickly at the expense of the client experience and how this jeopardized his reputation. Like many real estate agents, relinquishing control of the business, especially when it means a temporary loss in revenue, was a non-starter for Sahil. After a reality check with an angry client, Sahil speaks to the journey and importance of building systems and the right team — even if it means slowing down your sales activities. For him, the timing couldn’t have been less ideal to make these changes: In the middle of a severe post-pandemic housing slowdown.

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Sahil’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • How a client wakeup call forced Sahil to change his mindset from a solo sprint to a team marathon, en route to their $1M yearly commission goal 
  • Why Sahil suggests to hyperfocus on documenting  mistakes instead of looking for answers in books or podcasts 
  • Why you have to hire properly or settle with growth topping out 
  • How to hire staff with loyalty and intention, and inspire motivation with the proper incentive structures and autonomy
  • How Sahil is on pace to work under four hours a day, never works before noon, and take three months of vacation a year — and how you can do the same
  • How to free up your time and mind by building new residual income streams and saving on taxes
  • How Sahil likes to create two hours a day to “be bored” and spark up his creativity to help get ideas flowing 
  • Why working and travelling before you have bulletproof business systems is a big mistake
  • Sahil’s four core business system steps to keep in check before you travel

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