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How to Avoid Burnout and Free Your Mind as a Visionary Founder

Episode 12 w/ Benjamin Weir

How often are you in the vicious cycle of delegating work to a business partner only to realize that you can’t relinquish control — and as a result, inch one step closer to burn out?

Meet our featured guest, Benjamin Weir. Ben is a successful serial entrepreneur and at age 29,  he’s on his fifth brand after exiting four ecommerce brands: BluMaan, Forte Series, Aetos Apparel and Apricus Skincare. 

While working 60-80 hour weeks in his early 20’s and buying into hustle culture, Ben became increasingly physically ill until his body gave out and chronic illness set in.

After a lengthy search trying over a dozen “normal” medical methods, Ben found a form of inner work and spiritual practice named Reality Check. Not only did Reality Check cue his illnesses where Western, Eastern and Integrative medicine could not, but it allowed him to find a joyful flow state from which he creates effortlessly and travels the world full time. Ben has now partnered with the founder of Reality Check to share the method that changed his life.

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In this interview, Ben reflects on how his obsession to grow at all costs drove him to become bedridden. As he learned the art of delegation with business partners and staying in his zone of genius, he’s been able to work less, travel more, and spin out more self-sustaining businesses.

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Ben’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • How even a startup success can lead you to major burnout
  • How startups need two types of co-founders: Visionaries and Integrators
  • Why not letting go of control to an Integrator is the road to burnout and inefficiency
  • Tactics to optimize your time and make it a “self-managing organism”
  • How to find a reliable Integrator that can operate the business for you with proper upside
  • A unique opportunity to “acquire a business with zero down” from baby boomers
  • How to know what needs to be delegated to your integrator by going through your Zone of Genius exercise

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