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The Art of Taking Breaks And Letting Go To Find Flow as a CEO

Episode 9 w/ Ryan Vaughn

How often do you hit pause in life to see if you’re running in the right direction as a founder —  and how do you know when you’re running off a cliff? 

Meet our featured guest, Ryan Vaughn. Ryan is the founder of Inside-Out leadership: a boutique executive coaching firm that helps high-performing entrepreneurs become extraordinary leaders and build life-giving companies.

Prior to serving as a coach, Ryan founded and served as the CEO of three companies over 15 years — the third of which he scaled into a market leader with 11 million users across 45 states, the first two, he says,  were “learning experiences”. Ryan has raised over 20 million dollars from leading venture capitalists and has built teams of over 100 world-class employees.

Ryan Vaughn quote
Ryan Vaughn quote

In this interview, Ryan reflects on how he finally got off the company-building treadmill to discern what he most needs instead of what he wants. He gives us anecdotes of how he unlearned many of his “always-running” habits to tap into his most creative states, plus how he recalibrates if he isn’t living authentically to what he wants his eulogy to say.

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Ryan’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • Ryan’s turning point on getting off the achievement treadmill (and how you can do the same)
  • How a sabbatical changed Ryan’s thinking on how entrepreneurs should look at the “art of taking breaks”
  • How to pinpoint which type of creative energy you’re best suited for in any given moment
  • The precise method to drop into flow state, by letting go instead of trying to do more 
  • Write your own eulogy to discover how aligned you are now with what you will wish for your life from your deathbed

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