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Episode 10 w/ Paul Davidescu

Why does entrepreneurship seem to be a never-ending grind —  and why does it get in the way of your relationships and freedom, when really, it should enrich both?

In the first ten podcast episodes, I’ve had the privilege to go deep with impressive entrepreneurs to relive their unfiltered moments of truth and despair. This has all been with the purpose of yielding tangible learnings for you to get a few steps closer to enjoying the journey (and making your  tremendous sacrifices worth it).

This reflection unearths the most profound breakthroughs from our first 10 guests into three key themes:

  • Why entrepreneurs have a major misalignment between their everyday work and what fulfills their deepest needs
  • How to prevent physical and emotional burnout 
  • The blind spots that prevent many entrepreneurs from earning income efficiently enough to be able to actually enjoy it


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