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From An Eventbrite Exit to Founding an eCommerce Brand Nomadically With His Wife

Episode 11 w/ Jay Parmar

How often do you wish you could balance family life with the work grind? And how often do you dream of doing it all while you travel the world?

Meet our featured guest, Jayesh Parmar. Jay is the former CEO/co-founder of Picatic.com, which Eventbrite acquired in 2018. He’s an active investor and has jumped back into the Co-CEO /co-founder role at Gunkii, the company that makes the world’s “sexiest” tongue scraper.

Jay Parmar quote
Jay Parmar quote

In this interview, Jay reflects on how he began his journey into entrepreneurship and it didn’t start so well. However, he persevered and grew it enough to sell it to one of the world’s biggest event ticketing companies. He’ll take you through the ups and downs, and the ins and outs of how he did it.

Jay focuses his insights around the “life design systems” he has built with his wife to successfully balance their latest venture with frequent travel and raising a child in different cities.

Jay gives you tactics and mindset hacks to work optimally without being distracted or overworking yourself — so that you can blend your work life with family life and still have the capacity to be of service to others.

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Jay’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • The domino effect of how his 20-year-old self went from being a security guard to running DJ nights to launching and exiting a ticketing event company
  • How and why Jay went from a tech company exit to launching a tongue-scraper eCommerce company with his wife
  • How to work as a nomad with a young child and have a life partner as your co-founder
  • The power of using project management systems between co-founder couples
  • Tips on how to discern what activities give optimum results when tackling your work grind
  • How to live in the present moment and let the future guide you rather than consume you

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