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The Art Of Creating Free Time and Tiny Teams

Episode 24 w/ Jenny Blake

Are you a solopreneur looking to design a joyful 10-30 hour workweek while making a six-figure income?

Meet our featured guest, Jenny Blake. She is an author and podcaster who loves helping people move from friction to flow through smarter systems, powered by Delightfully Tiny Teams: running a team of remote contractors who work part-time. She just launched her award-winning third book: Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business.

After taking the leap of faith to quit her lucrative role at Google, Jenny has designed her work around her desired lifestyle. She makes over half a million dollars per year, works only 10 to 20 hours per week — and almost never takes meetings on Mondays, Fridays, and outside of the hours of 11am-3pm.
Does that sound like the ultimate dream to you? If so, be sure to tune in to this episode —  because if it’s possible for Jenny, it’s entirely possible for you. After all, Jenny’s dream business and lifestyle didn’t start off so smoothly. She had many setbacks, as all entrepreneurs do. For example, one of her first clients was a Fortune 10 brand. They were months late on paying her, which taught her the importance of setting boundaries and creating rules of engagement. However, without this experience Jenny would’ve continued to operate in a feast or famine cycle — which she quickly learned how to mitigate (and can now share her tips for avoiding this with you).

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Jenny’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • The art of outsourcing everything (even speaking engagements) to make your business less dependent on you
  • How to create a unique “The Way” framework to teach other coaches or service providers your framework 
  • Why hiring someone on Upwork or 99 Designs can seem cheap but cost you a lot of lost future business in the long run
  • How to differentiate yourself in the most commoditized solopreneur industries as a realtor, mortgage broker, marketers, or consultant
  • How to run a business with a “Delightfully Tiny Team” where no one works full-time
  • How to operationalize your values so you work for only a handful of hours a week
  • How the “The Fiji Test” litmus test works to ensure your business has the means to let you unplug for a future trip without business repercussions 
  • How to declutter bloat in your business before it slows you down

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