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Episode 25 w/ Denise Gosnell

Are you working with clients who don’t feel like the right fit, doing things that drain you?  If so, this week’s episode is all about building resilience through business nightmares, how to structure your schedule in a way that protects your energy, and crucial things to consider before shifting the dynamics of your business.
Our guest this week is Denise Gosenell. Denise is a business strategist, attorney, best-selling author, real estate investor, and creator of The Vacation Effect®: a coaching and training company that helps entrepreneurs create a freedom-based lifestyle without sacrificing their business growth. She’s a seven figure entrepreneur who runs three companies in  three different industries —  and works an average of just  three days per week.
Denise shares how she boldly fired a fortune 500 company and lost 90% of her revenue overnight, how she got back on her feet  after lightning hit her house and it burned to the ground (seriously), and how a meditation retreat snapped her into designing a dream schedule planner.  Today, she’s built her coaching company around her dream life.
Denise will be sharing with you how she protects her calendar with only two weekly time blocks for external meetings,  and her  time-saving hacks to increase your relative income. Stay present for this episode as you make today’s dialogue a new chapter in your quest to find the balance between your cash flow and life flow. 

This dialogue unearths the stories and breakthroughs of Denise’s entrepreneurial path and will help you learn:

  • How to build the courage to fire your best client and even negotiate mortgage terms 
  • How a meditation retreat can help you snap out of your grind with one simple phrase
  • How you can apply the 30-day 3-day workweek experiment to work smarter and not have to go back to the daily grind
  • How to smoothly limit your meetings availability for clients to free up your time
  • The strategic weekly planning approach to theme your days and build sustainable cadences 
  • How a manual timer technique to help you finish tasks in half the time  

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